Company Setup in Kazakhstan

Company Setup in Kazakhstan

Alatheya Law Firm assists its clients in establishing the optimal business structure in Kazakhstan. There are several ways of doing business in Kazakhstan; the most popular ones are limited liability partnership and joint stock company. Foreign legal entities may also opt to set up a branch or representative office.

Limited liability partnership (LLP)

Limited liability partnership is the most common form of legal entity used by foreigners and locals to conduct business in the country. Kazakh limited partnerships do not subject their owners to unlimited liability for the partnership’s losses. This keeps our clients’ personal assets safe in the event that their business runs into difficulty. Depending on the size of the business, charter capital is set by law and ranges from 0 to 650$ (calculated based on annual monthly calculation index). All documents required for registration must be translated into Kazakh and Russian languages, and the translations must be notarized before submission for incorporation.

Joint stock company (JSC)

The Kazakhstan joint stock company (JSC) requires a minimum paid-up share capital of US$327,000. This number may change as the amount set by law depends on annual monthly calculation index. Kazakhstan JSC is legally required to annually submit audited financial statements. It also must issue shares to raise funds to support its business.

Branch or representative office

Both forms are not legal entities; they are structural parts of the parent company. The main difference between them is that a branch can conduct all the functions of the parent company, including selling goods or services while a representative office is not allowed to make direct sales within Kazakhstan. It can only engage in i) market research and ii) promoting the business of the parent company.

Advantages of legal assistance in Alatheya

High effectiveness - systematic development of skills and knowledge allows to effectively resolve tasks that other companies are not able to resolve

Knowledge of the legislative basis - continuous monitoring of legislation and judicial innovations allows providing the high-quality services complying with modern realities

Individual approach - professionals find solutions in any problem based on available facts and norms of legislation

Confidentiality - provision of any service is strictly confidential, which is further guaranteed by the non-disclosure agreement

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