Representation in court

Alatheya Law Firm renders a wide range of services to represent individuals and legal entities in court who need competent advice and professional support. If the generally accepted regulations of the law are known to every citizen, the specific knowledge in the jurisdiction is not always available, though such knowledge is necessary at the most unexpected moments.

With the support of lawyers in court proceedings, it becomes easier to deal with the peculiarities of the issue under consideration. In this case, assistance includes the procedural activity of professionals carried out on behalf of and in the interests of the person involved in the case.


Terms of representation

Supporting the customer’s case is possible regardless of the type of court. It is possible to represent customers in specialized and district courts, as well as in the appellate and cassation instances.

Specialists of Alatheya Law Firm practice legal representation in the following fields of law:

Procedural activities for legal representation include the following stages:

We carry out tasks of any complexity, guaranteeing the maximum profit for the customer.

Peculiarities of legal representation

The terms of litigation are not always in favor of the customer. Knowing this, we inform our customers, in advance, about the risks to prevent unnecessary court costs. Nevertheless, each accepted order assumes the full output of professionals: lawyers of the company do everything to dignify the interests of the customer in court and win the litigation.

Cost of representation

In each case, the cost of representation is individual, but always objective. Factors affecting the final cost of the service are the complexity of the court process, consideration of the period of the case, as well as a number of secondary factors. Entrust the litigation to professionals. Remember, the lack of proper knowledge in the legal field is a high risk of aggravation of the conflict and complication of the judicial result.

Advantages of legal assistance in Alatheya

High effectiveness - systematic development of skills and knowledge allows to effectively resolve tasks that other companies are not able to resolve

Knowledge of the legislative basis - continuous monitoring of legislation and judicial innovations allows providing the high-quality services complying with modern realities

Individual approach - professionals find solutions in any problem based on available facts and norms of legislation

Confidentiality - provision of any service is strictly confidential, which is further guaranteed by the non-disclosure agreement

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