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Legal support protects against possible risks when making a transaction. Lawyers help the customer to comply with its interests and make the most beneficial contract. Alatheya Law Firm employees provide services to support transactions to individuals and legal entities. The service is available in Kazakh, Russian, and English languages. Our experts check counterparties on various state registers for solvency and bona fide. Prior to cooperation, it is better to know who you are dealing with, whether the counterparty is acting in bona fide, whether it fulfills its obligations in full, whether it has debts or litigation, whether it is at the stage of bankruptcy, and whether it can actually fulfill the obligations accepted under a contract. We conduct an analysis of the counterparty on various criteria and databases, and we are ready to accompany the transaction starting from negotiations until the parties fully implement their obligations. 


The purchase and sale of real estate are important events for an entrepreneur or an organization. Large amounts of money are invested in the plots and buildings. Successful acquisition often determines the commercial success of an enterprise. A thorough analysis of documents and a comprehensive assessment of the conditions is necessary. Specialists perform a large amount of work, and successfully finalize the purchase or sale in the form of notarization in the presence of a lawyer.

Key points in preparing for a transaction:

The details differ depending on the type and purpose of the object. Professionals consider the specifics, and, in each case, offer an optimal solution. If a foreigner acquires it, specialists explain the rights and obligations, give advice on the possibility of physically staying in Kazakhstan and disposing of property.

When renting expensive real estate or renting for the long-term, it is also worth consulting a qualified lawyer.

Trade and production

In legal practice, it is often necessary to analyze agreements with partners, suppliers, and wholesale buyers. Such contracts are not standardized enough, and there is scope for making optional points. It is better to invite a specialist at the stage of document development and to conduct negotiations with parties’ participation. An experienced lawyer confidently defends the interests of the client’s side and avoids excessive penalties on the other side.

Special attention is required by international agreements, export and import contracts. With the participation of lawyers, transactions are made in different languages observing the laws of several countries and the rules of foreign trade. Trade activity is becoming absolutely legal and predictable.

Agreements and contractual works

Contractual work on an agreement basis is a transaction for the provision of services. The lawyer’s goal is to create the most favorable terms for the customer. In particular, in terms of performance of obligations, guarantees and fines, the list of force majeure events.

Business and shares

The purchase of shares or net financial instruments in companies is a difficult task even for experienced entrepreneurs. The participation of professional lawyers is necessary, starting from the earliest stage of preparation for the transaction. Our specialists study the origin of the property, legality of its acquisition by the previous owner, and control implementation of the procedures established by the legislation to avoid the risk of the transaction being declared invalid.

Advantages of legal assistance in Alatheya

High effectiveness - systematic development of skills and knowledge allows to effectively resolve tasks that other companies are not able to resolve

Knowledge of the legislative basis - continuous monitoring of legislation and judicial innovations allows providing the high-quality services complying with modern realities

Individual approach - professionals find solutions in any problem based on available facts and norms of legislation

Confidentiality - provision of any service is strictly confidential, which is further guaranteed by the non-disclosure agreement

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