Obtaining licenses (pharmaceutical, alcohol)

The licensed types of business activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan include the manufacture, wholesale and retail sale of medicines, keeping in stock and sale of alcohol-containing products. Employees of Alatheya Consulting specialize in providing assistance in these issues.

Pharmaceutical industry

To obtain a newly issued license, the following documents shall be required:


If the licensee reissues the license, it shall justify its actions with full set of documents. In particular, this is required in case of changing the name of the company, changing the address or other details. The justified reasons shall also include the accession, separation or transformation of a legal entity.

The following shall be required from the applicant:

Potential difficulties and professional assistance

With apparent simplicity, obtaining a license for pharmaceutical activities entails serious difficulties for the unprepared persons. The greatest percentage of failures during self-application is the inconsistency with the standards used in the work of buildings, equipment, inventory, instruments and equipment. In practice, only the qualified specialists can immediately successfully lead customers through the legislative difficulties.

There are also requirements for the warehouse and storage conditions for medicines. Warehouses are checked for specific conditions of medicines storage - in refrigerators, closed cabinets, safes for potent and drug substances. When buying or renting the special equipment, the attention should be paid to all profile features related to pharmacology.

Also, the pharmaceutical license is issued only to organizations staffed with employees having the profile education and practical experience in the field. Information about employees is documented. The lawyers will help to collect all the required documentation and arrange it in the right order.

Period for rendering the services and payment of fees

The monthly calculated index is 2,405 tenge in 2018. In the future, its amount may change. Payment for the state collected fees is made in cash or by bank transfer, as is more convenient for the customer.

Only after the license is obtained, the pharmacy activity can actually be carried out. At any time from the time of application, the applicant must be prepared for inspections of regulatory bodies. 

Types of registration

Due to the efforts of the management of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the pharmaceutical license is now issued in digital or paper form, at the choice of the applicant. With remote registration, the future licensee certifies the submitted files with the electronic digital signature (EDS). Certification of papers is made as usual, using the signature of the head officer and the stamp of the company. Customer service specialists help you choosing the most comfortable and economical option. Currently, the majority of applicants prefer virtual registration due to lower costs and delivery time for media.

Alcohol-containing products

In Kazakhstan, wholesale and retail trade in alcohol-containing beverages is licensed. If you need a license to sell alcoholic beverages at retail (except for beer), you should submit:

Warehouse or commercial premises may be owned or officially leased from the legitimate owners.

The building must have such premises:

Working conditions must comply with the standards, regulations and rules, do not allow loss of product quality. This relates to the temperature, placement of other products nearby, sanitary and hygienic norms. Availability and serviceability of devices controlling the temperature and humidity conditions shall be confirmed by a certificate, invoice, inspection materials. The shop shall be obliged to have electricity, water and sewage supply.

The applicant must confirm compliance with the qualification requirements during the working decade from the date of submission of the request. The license for the retail sale of alcohol is issued only when they are fully observed. Subsequently, the licensed point shall successfully pass any actual verification that is inevitably carried out by the controlling services.

Legal assistance

During the consultation, Alatheya Consulting lawyers explain whether it is necessary to show the originals of documents, how to make and certify copies. As for the time, obtaining a license for alcohol sale in the Republic of Kazakhstan takes a maximum of 15 days (working). In most cases - 1-2 calendar weeks. According to government sources, the period should be reduced by the end of 2018.

The lawyers’ duties shall include:

Our lawyers will follow the correctness of the implementation of actions established by law. Specialists in alcohol licensing achieve successful results on the first attempt in almost 100% of customer requests. If some details make it difficult to get a license for alcohol sale, they notify the customer in advance and assist in eliminating the shortcomings. The customer passes the procedures quickly, conveniently and confidently with the help of professionals. The costs of own forces and means shall be minimal.

How to obtain a duplicate?

If the alcohol license has already been issued, the recipient is entitled to issue a second copy. The new inspection is not performed at requesting a duplicate. It is only necessary to write an application in any form and pay a 100% fee, as for issuing the first copy.

How to re-register?

Re-registration is a separate legal procedure. In this case, the former licensee alienates its rights to sell the alcohol-containing products in favor of another person, or the same subject remains actually, but the details change. Alienation is carried out together with the trading object. Different options for property relations are possible depending on whether the former seller owns the premises or rents them.

During re-registration, the transferring licensee makes up a special letter expressing its consent. It also provides justification for changes in possession of the sales point and pays a fee of 10% of the license fee.

Amounts of state fees

The amount paid to the budget for acquisition of the right to sell the alcohol-containing drinks at retail depends on the status of the place where the activity is carried out:

As of 2018, 1 MCI is 2,405 tenge. The paid amount covers the first 12 months of commercial activity. Further payments in favor of the state are charged annually in similar amounts.

A wholesale license for the sale of alcohol and its storage costs in 200 MCI, regardless of the location of property involved in the business. The requirements to the shops in this case are replaced by the corresponding claims to the warehouses where the ready products are stored.

Advantages of legal assistance in Alatheya

High effectiveness - systematic development of skills and knowledge allows to effectively resolve tasks that other companies are not able to resolve

Knowledge of the legislative basis - continuous monitoring of legislation and judicial innovations allows providing the high-quality services complying with modern realities

Individual approach - professionals find solutions in any problem based on available facts and norms of legislation

Confidentiality - provision of any service is strictly confidential, which is further guaranteed by the non-disclosure agreement

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